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Team building activities animations

We provide animation, team building activities, and events for both indoor and outdoor conferences or corporate events, team building event days, and ice-breaking activities to get the team into the spirit to take on the day or the tasks ahead. Allow our team to plan your company’s team building activities around your company’s values, mission and vision and to make it not only enjoyable for your team but to ensure that the requested objectives of the team building day is met. Give your team the best team building day by having the best event animations team behind it.

Team building animations

Kids birthday party animations

A birthday is a special and fun time, and what better way to keep the party going and making sure the children are truly having fun and are being entertained than by having the best party event animations. Event animations are essential for a kids’ birthday party, because they bring alive the theme of the party and create the fun and energetic feel of the party. You can choose from a variety of themes, ranging from Dragon Ball Z to Dexter, or even Glitter parties to suite whatever preference the birthday girl or boy has in mind.

We specialize in teenage parties as well, and for them VR animation is a perfect fit. They can challenge each other in our co-op games or entertain those watching them play. Let our animation team make your chosen theme come to life with our event animations. We offer all your traditional party entertainment, such as clowns and magicians, plus much more! We truly have it all.

Kid birthday show

Bachelor party sexy animations

Bachelor parties are there to celebrate your last few days of being an unmarried man. It’s a time to go all out with your friends. What are one of the ways to make sure your bachelor party stands out from all the rest? Make sure you have the best event animations team behind it and that will already make it a huge success. We can offer you a large variety of services and activities that cater to your bachelor party.

With over 500 services and activities in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, we are sure we will have what you need. From our sexy stripper catalogue to our famous bar-hopping activities, our team is guaranteed to have everything planned out for you and your guests to enjoy.

Bachelor party animations

Corporate event animations

It is important to leave a good and lasting impression on your guests at corporate events. The guests at your corporate event is guaranteed a great time and good memories with our team behind the event animations. Allow us to make sure that your event runs as planned while ensuring that your guests are entertained and taken care of.

We can bring activities and games into the event to solidify what was dealt with during the corporate event, by creating activities where your guests have to implement what was discussed during the event. This is just one way to ensure that your guests are truly involved and get the most out of the experience.

Corporate event animation

Best event animations

The success of an event depends highly not only the activities but on how well the activities were presented to the guests and how well the crowd is connected to the activity and each other. And this is the job of the event animations team. Make sure your guests feel taken care off and valued by allowing our animation team to provide you with the best event animations out there. We can make sure your event has a structured plan, guidance, and entertainment that suites your event purpose and theme.

team building animations

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