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Event private security

Event private security is an essential part for any celebration, making it the safety of your guests number concern during a private event. Event private security incharge will ensure and communicate with the event producer that any risk has been addressed and eliminated if necessary. Our highly trained and professional security and perfectly suited for private parties or any other events who qualify in securing the event integrity and their guests.

We are able to provide you with security that ensures the event is safe, successful and yet fun. Our protection team range in sizes and guarantee safety in a venue of large and small gathering and our track record proves that our event private security is well equipped to handle any situation with efficiency and competence making you less worried. Our event private security has partnered with various other organizations, businesses and individuals in providing top level security.  

event close protection

Party close protection

Party close protection is always a team effort where the bodyguard will perform many tasks such as personal assistance, a mechanic, chauffeur and a medic to ensure the safety of the principal. When there is a high threat, it is common to have teams of 10-30 members that secure the site and look out for every person of interest during an event, gathering or other celebration.

Event private security are disciplined and have the ability to work well with different organizations where they can perform the task efficiently. Engaging in private security for you and your guests is considered to be the best choice with essential qualities that can be suited to your needs during an event.

Party close protection

Event close protection

This part of event close protection includes stewarding, crowd management and consulting service to assist clients with any event related security situation making it all part of our event private security service. These services provide specialized personnel to ensure the protection, security and the well being of a wide range clients.

We do whatever we can to ensure that our clients receive the best possible hospitality treatment and assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our event private security is meticulously prepared to ensure that the close protection mission is successful in a timely and professional manner. Event organizer Bangkok is fully responsible for the contract, including initial preparation, best practice procedures, results, client interaction and consultation.

event security guard

All kinds of bodyguards

At event private security services we mean to provide utmost security to VIP contingents and individuals with high portfolios in their own right and well being. Our services of all kinds of bodyguards may include personal escort, security chauffeurs who can be also viewed as personal bodyguards or services provided by companies who assign bodyguards to a status related individual that are an easy target for criminals. That’s why we specialize in various bodyguard services which are offered to important individuals in many walks of life residing in both the public and private sector.

event bodyguard

Best event private security

Our best event private security makes sures that each event is methodically planned to ensure the security task is accomplished to the last details. Our services specialist operates in providing security, safety and well-being of a broad spectrum of clients and executing overwhelming lists of tasks to the best of their abilities.  Event organizer Bangkok delivers  the highest possible standards of hospitality that meets the standards and support for our clients.

Our professional security provider will make sure that the team works well with all the other employees at the venue to optimize the security protection. Event organizer Bangkok strives to make your well-being first priority during the event.

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