Sexy Party Minivan

A Party Minivan With Sexy Models

When planning a treat to Thailand, transportation is a huge factor. When here, why not travel in style in a party minivan? Our minivans include sexy models that are there to serve and entertain you and your guest. After a long flight from home, it is better to travel in comfort enjoying an ice-cold beer while looking at beautiful women. That’s right, booking with us ensures that you are able to enjoy alcohol beverages while riding our minivan, this is exclusive to our company. Our selection of women are the absolute best at what they do and are there to make your transportation memorable, fun, and sexy.

Airport Transport In A Party Minivan

Our party minivan services bypass the many stressful steps that come with arriving at your location. No more having the hassle of dealing with finding a taxi, attempting to speak with the driver, who more than likely, does not speak English and finally making sure that the driver is actually going to the correct hotel. One of the more frustrating things is getting more than one taxi and getting separated from your friends. All of those hassles can be skipped by booking with us. 

The minute your plane touches down in Thailand, our party minivan will be there waiting for you. One of our beautiful models will be there with a sign ready to direct you to the party minivan. Inside, you and your friends can enjoy ice cold beers served from one (or more) of our great selection of beautiful women. 

With a 10-seater party minivan you can party with your friends and create fresh new memories. Why should the fun start after you arrive at your hotel when it can start minutes after you arrive in Thailand?

party minivan

Party Minivan For A Small Group

Our party minivan is a great alternative to any small party group and is much cheaper in comparison. The minibus fits ten people but has more than enough room to let everyone feel and move around comfortably. It also comes equipped with a mini bar, disco lights, an ice chest to keep your spirits and beer ice cold, as well as a full sound system so you can watch a sexy model strip tease for you while enjoying some great music. 

Whether you need a ride to a hotel, entertainment venue or a party district, our minivan is great for any kind of booking where you want to travel in style while enjoying the comfort of beautiful women and ice-cold beer. 

Even if you don’t have a particular destination in mind and just want you and your friends driven around for a few hours, that is also an option. All of our drivers speak English and have no problem driving around while you and your friends party and enjoy some alcohol. Maybe, pregame for an hour or two in our party minivan and then head to the club, nightclub, go-go bar or so many more options. Book one of our party minivans today and travel in style.

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Best Party Minivan In Thailand

When people arrive at their vacation destination, they always have this idea in mind that the vacation doesn’t start until they are at their hotel, unpacked and ready to go out. The good news is that this is wrong. Taking a party minivan from the airport to your hotel is the absolute best option. You are able to avoid the hassles of finding a taxi, the driver not speaking English, friends losing each other in multiple taxis, and being driven to the wrong location. 

Your epic vacation begins by entering our party minivan and being greeted and served by one of our beautiful party girls. Sit back, have a drink, enjoy a laugh, and watch the sexy entertainment until you arrive at your final destination.

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