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Party bus

What is the best way to get from one place to the next if you’re a group of people? The best party transportation is most certainly a party bus! Not all transportation options can provide you with a bus that is custom built for hosting parties while on the move for a large group of, but we sure can. The party bus is ideal for partying on the way to the actual party or venue, or for partying when events are done like an after party. We can also be your host vehicle as you travel and party through Bangkok and want to party on the bus. Cut out the long hours in traffic and having your mood ruined, the party bus is the best party transportation that will allow you to enjoy those long hours in traffic while you’re heading to your destination.

Party bus Bangkok

Stretch limousine

Corporate clients, high up socialites, and even bachelorettes can rent our stretch limousine for various occasions such as for transportation to a prestige gala dinners, corporate or social events, and even to party with the girls. This party transportation method is the most luxurious option there is to offer, and it is also ideal for impressing high-end important clients or setting a high social standard for yourself. It can be used for picking up high-end clients from the airport, business meeting, or events and mini parties. Companies that want to leave a good and enduring impression on their clients are inclined to rent out of the stretch limousine party transportation.

Stretch Limo Bangkok

party minivan

For groups comprising of up to 10 people, a part minivan would be the most appropriate method of party transportation. It is perfect for the transportation of staff or guests from one point to the next and even from on city to the another, such as Bangkok to Pattaya. For the convenience of our customers, all our party minivans come with English speaking drivers for easy communication. The party minivan is the best option when it comes to party transportation because it is equipped with a bar, party lighting system, custom surround sound system, rotating seats, and pull-out tables.

Party van Bangkok

Tuktuk Disco

Thailand is famous for its tuktuks, and what better way to experience the party scene in Bangkok than to do it on the infamous tuktuk. We can turn a normal tuktuk into a fun, disco tuktuk which is a perfect form of party transportation. This form of transportation is suitable for a group of 3, using 1 tuktuk, or a large group making use of many tuktuks which can all be pimped to get you and your guests or clients into the party mood.

tuk tuk disco Bangkok

sport car

What better way to make an entrance and leave a lasting impression than to arrive on the scene in a flashy sports car. From wedding entrances to corporate events, sports cars never disappoint and will surely wow anyone who sees it. For socialites that like to party, this is also the perfect party transportation to get you to and from your parties while making sure your social standard remains high. For grooms that want to show off, this is the best way to do so.

Sport car rental

Best party transportations

From small groups to large groups, from sports cars to party busses, we have them all ready for you to make sure all your party transportation needs are all taken care of and that your guests will surely be impressed. Whatever your budget, preference, or mood is, we have the best party transportation option for you.

event transportation Bangkok

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